Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) Mentor

Division: Volunteer / Intern
Salary: $0.00 NA
Position Type: VOLUNTEER
Funding: VOLINT Funded
Occupation Code: Volunteer
Working Title: Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) Mentor
Unpaid volunteer position.


Veteran Mentors are volunteers who serve as supporters, guides, and confidants for mentees in the Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) Program. Mentors should work collaboratively with their mentees to assist them in fulfilling the requirements of the court and completing the phased treatment and transitioning program. Mentors' support aids veterans in successfully readjusting to civilian life. 


  • Have regular meetings with mentees to determine any issues requiring resolution.
  • Refer mentees to appropriate VTC staff or affiliated agencies for needed services.
  • Communicate with mentees between court sessions.
  • Work collaboratively with other mentors and the Mentor Coordinator.
  • Motivate mentees, utilizing a strengths-based approach by providing encouragement and highlighting strengths, talents, skills, and knowledge of their mentees.
  • Have a genuine concern for veterans.
  • Adhere to all Miami-Dade Veterans Treatment Court policies and procedures.
  • Commit to a minimum of one year participation, or until the assigned veteran graduates
  • Complete the required initial training as specified by the VTC prior to participation
  • Do not engage in any drug use, alcohol use, sexual activities or any other unlawful activities with the veteran participant
  • Notify the Mentor Coordinator if the veteran participant becomes suicidal, homicidal, or engages in unlawful activities
  • Maintain Federal confidentiality standards pursuant to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and 42CFR Part 2 (Confidentiality of Substance Use disorder Patient Records).
  • Attend periodic training provided or sponsored by VTC and other sources.
  • Communicate with the Mentor Coordinator to resolve any issues related to time commitments and conflicts, resistant mentee, or other difficult challenges.
  • Maintain a record of each meeting that mentors hold with mentees.
  • Commit to a minimum of 12 months as a mentor to ensure continuity in the mentor/mentee relationships.


  • Must present a DD-214 or DD-215 verifying service (Honorable discharge preferred). Be a veteran of one of the branches of the US Armed Forces.
  • Submit to a background check. Must not have open criminal case or extensive criminal history.
  • Commit to a period of 12 months.
  • Not be an active member of law enforcement or of any government or private organization that could present a conflict of interest with the mentor program.


  • Active listener
  • Empathetic
  • Encouraging and supportive
  • Positive military service
  • Tolerant and respectful of individual differences

Licenses Certifications

DD-214 or DD-215 verifying service (Honorable discharge preferred)

Working Conditions

Must be able to travel to and from meeting locations.


English. Bilingual is a plus.

Supplemental Questions

QBranch of Service (choose one)
QHave you ever served in a combat zone?
QHave you ever been arrested?
QHave you ever been convicted of a crime?
QDo you have any pending criminal charges?