Supervised Visitation Security Specialist - Family Court Services - Part-time; 15 hours per week, no benefits - Mondays and Wednesdays: 4:00 p.m. - 8:15 p.m.; Saturdays: 10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Division: Court Security
Salary: $11.50 HOUR
Position Type: INDECONT
Funding: County Funded
Hours: 15 hours per week
Occupation Code: Supervised Visitation Security Specialist
Working Title: Supervised Visitation Security Specialist


This is specialized public contact, customer service, security and related work providing assistance in the Supervised Visitation/Exchange Program of Family Court Services. Work is performed under the immediate direct supervision of a manager.


Provide ongoing observation and intervention as required to ensure the safety of Program participants and staff.
• Ensure that parents adhere to program policies and procedures.
• Escort clients as needed.
• Liaison within building/Miami-Dade Police Department.
• Keep accurate log of attendance/tardies/no shows and domestic violence cases.
• Locate and collect files for supervised visitation that take place Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, and for Family Court Services staff as needed.
• Place inactive files in appropriate cabinets.
• Assist with Family Court Services supply storage/organization.
• Assist with Family Court Services office machinery: replace toner, ink cartridge, fix copy/fax machine as needed.
• Perform in such a way that there is no perception of conflict of interest, impropriety, or unethical behavior.
• Assist with upkeep of playroom (toys, furniture, supplies, etc.).
• Replace water jugs.
• Help decorate office for holidays.
• Attend Supervised Visitation/Monitored Exchange program meetings.
• Perform other related duties as required.


Graduation from a standard high school or the equivalent and experience in security work or military service, which provides the following knowledge, abilities, and skills:

• Knowledge of local instructions and rules of practice issued by judges or hearing officers.
• Some knowledge of the use of legal instruments and records pertinent to the court of assignment.
• Ability to establish rapport with judges, hearing officers, law enforcement personnel, and employees of the court system and the Clerk of the Courts.
• Ability to deal with attorneys and the general public with necessary tact and courtesy.
• Ability to remain alert and observant with attention to necessary detail during the conduct of supervised visitations.
• Ability to maintain composure in the event of disturbances and to restrain persons creating such disturbances effectively.
• Ability to react quickly in following manager’s directives in emergencies which may arise during supervised visitations.
• Ability to follow all established procedures previous to, during and following the conclusion of supervised visitations.
• Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely orally.
• Ability to exercise discretion, confidentiality, impartiality and honesty in handling matters before the court.
• Ability to work effectively with others and/or to work independently.
• English/Spanish proficiency preferred.

Physical Demands

Work involves a significant amount of standing, walking, sitting, talking, listening, balancing, stooping, and reaching with hands and arms; must be able to transfer up to 25 pounds.

Supplemental Questions

QDo you have experience in any of the following areas: military service, law enforcement or security?
QAre you fluent in Spanish?
QAre you currently employed by the Eleventh Judicial Circuit?