Court Security Monitor (Part-time) - County Criminal Court Operations Division (County Funded)

Division: Court Security
Salary: $15.06 HOUR + Benefits
Position Type: PARTTIME
Funding: County Funded
Hours: 20 hours per week
Occupation Code: JA Court Security Monitor
Working Title: Court Security Monitor


This is specialized public contact, security related work providing for the physical safety of judges, hearing officers, court employees, and visitors to the court in the conduct of official judicial proceedings. Employees in this class are responsible for a variety of duties in connection with official proceedings in courtrooms and chambers in protecting the judges, hearing officers, jurors, witnesses and attorneys previous to, during or upon the conclusion of court sessions.


• Insures that courtrooms and chambers are ready for use; makes certain that all parties and clerical support personnel are in attendance; brings judge’s or hearing officer’s materials to the courtroom, announces the judge or hearing officer and calls court to order.
• Maintains order during court sessions and remains alert to possible disturbances.
• Provides security for the judge or hearing officer in attendance and obtains materials needed during proceedings.
• Calls witnesses into court for testifying and sees that they remain outside hearing of court during trials.
• Performs related work as required.


Graduation from a standard high school or the equivalent and experience in security work or military service, which provides the following knowledge, skills and abilities:
• Considerable knowledge of established procedures for the conduct of judicial proceedings in courtroom and chambers.
• Knowledge of local instructions and rules of practice issued by judges or hearing officers.
• Some knowledge of established procedures in the flow of official business between the Office of the Clerk of Courts and courtrooms.
• Some knowledge of the use of legal instruments and records pertinent to the court of assignment.
• Ability to establish rapport with judges, hearing officers, law enforcement personnel, and employees of the court system and the Clerk of the Courts.
• Ability to deal with jurors, witnesses, attorneys and the general public with necessary tact and courtesy.
• Ability to remain alert and observant with attention to necessary detail during the conduct of court sessions.
• Ability to maintain composure in the event of courtroom disturbances and to handle appropriately.
• Ability to react quickly in following judge’s or hearing officer’s directives in emergencies which arise during court sessions.
• Ability to follow all established procedures previous to, during and following the conclusion of court sessions.
• Willingness to work extended hours as the occasion demands.
• Willingness to follow requirements of official conduct as a representative of the court system.

Physical Demands

Work involves a significant amount of standing, walking, sitting, talking, listening, balancing, stooping, and reaching with hands and arms; must be able to transfer up to 25 pounds.

Supplemental Questions

QDo you have experience in any of the following areas: military service, law enforcement or security?
QDo you have experience as a Bailiff?
QDo you have Customer Service experience?
QIf so, how many years of experience?